One of William Caxton’s most famous books was his Mirrour of the World, or Thymage of the Same—in modern English, The Mirror of the World, or the Image of the Same. This site has no grand ambition to present a description of the entire world, but the pictures may be pictures of anything from anywhere. In fact, the site’s real purpose is to present images that find no place on Father Pitt or Flora Pittsburghensis.

The images on this site are fairly large by Web standards. If an image is too large for your monitor, click on it; in most browsers the image will load to the right dimensions for your browser window.

Using the pictures: Original photographs on this site may be republished on any noncommercial Web site or in any nonprofit print publication. You don’t even have to ask. For other uses, leave a comment on the article where the photograph appears. Some of the photographs have been donated to Wikimedia Commons (you can tell by the URL of the picture) under a CC0 public-domain-equivalent license; for those, no permission is needed for any kind of use.


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