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About Dr. Boli

HENRICUS ALBERTUS BOLI was born in 1783 in York, Penna., the son of a local physician and typefounder. He showed an early aptitude for literary studies, and at the age of eight astonished his Latin master by successfully declining three nouns previously regarded as indeclinable. About a year later, he published his first volume of verse, an epic poem in twenty-four books describing a journey from York to Hanover, Penna. Dr. Boli has published his celebrated Magazine since 1823. Today, at the age of 227, Dr. Boli still edits the magazine personally, at a time of life when other men might be considering an honorable retirement. As a concession, however, to his advancing years, he no longer writes every word of the magazine himself. At present he writes every other word, the intervening words being supplied by a well-known agency.

Sun through Leaded Glass

Evening sun reflected from a neighboring window and refracted through a pane of leaded glass onto a wall in the entry hall of an old house in Pittsburgh.